Omnitracs Trailer Tracking

Software to gain increased asset visibility

Ensure Cargo and Trailer Security with One Affordable Solution

Omnitracs’ Trailer Tracking software provides near real-time data on driver, trailer, and cargo status and location across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. In addition to its GPS feature, the tracking solution includes sensors that can detect the opening and closing of doors as well as missing cargo which, when combined with lost productivity and insurance premiums, can cost upwards of $60 billion.

Enhance fleet productivity, communication, safety, and visibility with Omnitracs’ Trailer Tracking solutions. This easy-to-use software can help your business achieve significant cost reduction and increased customer service.

Benefits of Trailer Tracking

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Increase Security

Detect unauthorized door openings, cargo changes, and trailer drops.

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Save Time and Fuel

Eliminate wasted resources searching for lost drivers, trailers, and cargo — always know exactly where your assets are.

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Monitor Asset Usage

Optimize asset utilization and take on additional business.

Securely Hauling Sensitive Materials

Cargo theft continues to be a main point of concern in the trucking industry, costing businesses valuable time and money — and driver and cargo security. This concern grows exponentially when sensitive government materials are involved.

Frank Larance, Director of Asset Utilization and Business Intelligence at Tri-State Transit (TSMT), explains how he utilizes Omnitracs’ Trailer Tracking technology to monitor his assets every step of the way. This tracking technology allows TSMT to confidently haul sensitive materials such as DOD shipments, explosives, hazmat, and etcetera, as security is a top priority.

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