Vehicle Diagnostics

Technology to monitor the health and maintenance of your fleet

Take a Proactive Approach to Maintain Vehicle Health

Omnitracs’ Vehicle Diagnostics provides the data fleets need to diagnose vehicle problems prior to breakdowns and while trucks are still on the road. With access to this critical information, fleets can make more informed servicing decisions to help reduce costly, out-of-network repairs. This technology provides fleets with increased visibility into potential maintenance issues, eliminating the need to rely on drivers to notify management.

Vehicle Diagnostics Benefits

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Monitor Potential Issues

Proactively detect and diagnose potential engine and maintenance problems.

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Reduce Maintenance and Repairs

Increase productivity with more time on the road and less in the shop from improved vehicle health.

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Control Operating Expenses

Reduce costly maintenance expenses to keep your vehicles on the road.

Actively Monitor Potential Issues

How often do you think about your vehicle’s health? Many fleets only get to it once or twice a year but it should be a constant, year-round focus. On-the-road breakdowns are very expensive and time intensive. Additionally, out-of-network repairs can cost 2.5 to three times what in-network or in-house repairs would be. Omnitracs’ Vehicle Diagnostics allows users to monitor critical engine data in real time to help diagnose and proactively reduce maintenance and repair costs.

Near Real-Time Alerts to Increase Efficiency and Avoid Breakdowns

Omnitracs’ Fault Code Monitoring sends alerts for up to 35,000 common fault codes almost immediately and includes important diagnostic information.

Fault Code Monitoring provides relevant information in near real time to help you minimize vehicle breakdowns and the associated costs.

This application also gives you an intuitive user interface as well a robust set of tools that can help you easily analyze your data, examine historical trends, and ultimately extract the most value from your data.

Reduce Maintenance Costs and Driver Downtime

Omnitracs’ Vehicle Diagnostics can help you improve driver downtime and reduce costs. The integration of the data into your back-end systems allows for greater efficiency in maintenance and operations by solving small issues before they become big ones.

To help save on the costs of repairs, this information gives you time to send your vehicles to preferred inspection and service centers and avoid the expensive and time-consuming breakdowns on the road.

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