Virtual Load View

Simple, secure load tracking technology that provides real-time freight updates

When it comes to load tracking details, getting the right information to the right people can be a challenging process. Many carriers today manage load updates with manual processes that waste the valuable time of your customers, office staff, and drivers. Omnitracs Virtual Load View (VLV) offers a better way to manage freight tracking updates.

With VLV, you can automatically and securely share tracking information with internal teams, customers, and brokers — reducing wasted efforts for your team and increasing visibility and service value for your customers. Best of all, the solution is completely free for carriers as it uses your existing in-cab hardware. Save time, reduce unnecessary effort, and increase customer satisfaction.

Virtual Load View (VLV) Benefits

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Greater Load Visibility

Quickly see the status of every load in real time and create alerts to notify you of issues.

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Reduce Manual Workload

Automate the sending and receiving of tracking updates to your teams, brokers, and shippers.

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Add Customer Value

Be proactive about customer updates and enable customers to track their shipments themselves.

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Safe and Secure

Keep your fleet and customer data safe with complete data flow control.

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Quick Setup

Get your customers up and running fast with a simple automated setup process.

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Risk-Free Investment

Experience the tracking solution for free by integrating with existing in-cab hardware.

How Virtual Load View (VLV) Works

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Omnitracs VLV was designed to use your existing systems and hardware for a quick and easy setup and use moving forward. How simple? See for yourself:

  1. Data Sharing Setup – Omnitracs will set up the data sharing agreements and integrations for you and your carriers.
  2. Tracking Requested – Customers request tracking information for their shipments through the secure integration API.
  3. Interval Updates – Tracking data is shared with designated parties at regular intervals.
  4. Automated Alerts – The system will send alerts out when vehicles arrive and depart the origin and destination.

Route Completed – Once the shipment has arrived at its final destination, the tracking functionality will stop.

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