Weigh Station Bypass

Reduce Wasted Time and Money at Weigh Stations with Existing Omnitracs Units

Enhance Driver Productivity and Increase ROI

Requiring every truck to stop at each weigh station bypass increases the amount of work for drivers, fleet costs, fuel usage, and lost productivity. Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass provided by Drivewyze® PreClear reduces the amount that trucks are required to stop at weigh stations for inspections — saving fleets time and money.

As Weigh Station Bypass integrates directly with Omnitracs technology, the need for acquiring and setting up a separate transponder is eliminated. Covering more weigh stations and inspection sites than any other bypass service — over 700 supported sites in the U.S. and Canada and counting — Weigh Station Bypass allows your drivers more opportunity to avoid inspections, spend their time driving, and beat the competition than ever before.

Benefits of Weigh Station Bypass

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Avoid Inspections

Reduce driver stress, lengthy lines, and costly idling time spent waiting at weigh stations.

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Deliver Loads Faster

Spend more time on the road to meet delivery times and customer expectations — and beat the competition.

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Recruit and Retain Drivers

Drivers are more likely to choose and stay with companies that offer a bypass service.

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Improve Safety

Avoid the dangerous lane changes, long lines, and traffic merges associated with weigh stations.

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Increase Profits

Reduce costly expenses, including idling time and fuel usage.

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Proven Reliability

Join a network of over 700 sites in the U.S. and Canada that continues to grow and improve.

Solution Proven to Increase Driver and Fleet Satisfaction

Find and Keep Drivers While Lowering Fuel Costs

Weigh stations are road blocks causing drivers added stress and aggravation. Rewarding your hard-working drivers for their high safety scores by allowing them to avoid inspection sites not only saves your drivers time and aggravation, but is proven to improve retention and referral rates.

Sitting in lineups or inspections is neither enjoyable nor profitable for your driver or business. Keeping your drivers on the road and out of time-consuming, stressful weigh stations saves your business wasted fuel and operational costs. In fact, 86 percent of Omnitracs customers using Weigh Station Bypass reported increased savings.

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