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Indago and Omnitracs conducted a web survey of manufacturers, retailers, and distributors to obtain their perspective on last mile delivery. More than two-thirds of the survey respondents either Agree (40%) or Strongly Agree (28%) that last mile delivery will become a greater competitive differentiator for companies in their industry over the next five years. Only 10% disagreed and 23% were undecided.
By a wide margin, “To deliver an enhanced customer experience” (48%) is the primary factor driving innovation in last mile delivery at companies. However, 20% of the respondents said that “Little or no innovation in last mile delivery” is happening at their companies today. 

“Realtime tracking/visibility” topped the list of important last mile delivery capabilities, with 74% of the respondents saying it was Very Important or Extremely Important.

“Last mile delivery is finally getting the attention it deserves,” said one respondent. “Since the delivery driver is the last person who touches the shipment before it reaches your customer it is important that they're representing your company in the same way your retail employees would. A bad delivery experience can sour a customer's perception of your brand.”

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