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As a company grows, as does its order volume – add-in emergency routes and last-minute stops it can be impossible to know if your creating the most effective routes. Break free from the hours of manual work and get peace of mind to know your fleet is operating the fastest, most cost-effective route.  In this 30-minute session, you will learn how our routing solution will allow your drivers and back office teams to easily track routes and real time ETAs, add last minute orders, and establish performance metrics for drivers to continually optimize your operation. 

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Jeremy Fenno

Jeremy Fenno - Director of Sales, Omnitracs

Jeremy is focused on driving results within our SMB customer base. With 10 years of industry experience, Jeremy has a passion for customer success and a deep understanding of our Omnitracs products and how best to utilize our services.

Esteban Villa

Esteban Villa - Sr. Sales Engineer, Omnitracs

Esteban has been with Omnitracs for more than 4 years helping guide and implement Omnitracs solutions across our customer base, with a strong focus on our Routing program.