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Distracted Driving with Don Osterberg


In this episode of the Road Ahead podcast, host Ray Ghanbari, Chief Technology Officer at Omnitracs, speaks with Don Osterberg, previous Senior VP of Safety, Security, Driver Training, Regulatory Compliance for Schneider National, about distracted driving and how to overcome cognitive distractions. He also discusses how to educate drivers and their family members on the risks associated with distracted driving.


  • [00:01] Intro
  • [01:20] Main causes of distracted driving 
  • [02:33] Cognitive distractions 
  • [06:35] What can we do today to reduce distractions 
  • [08:09] Educating families of the driver  
  • [09:25] Outro 


Ray Ghanbari

Ray Ghanbari - CTO, Omnitracs

Ray Ghanbari is the Chief Technology Officer at Omnitracs, LCC. Most recently, Ray was CTO at SmartDrive, which was acquired by Omnitracs in October 2020. Prior to that, he was VP, Product Development for FICO and the CTO and EVP of Product Development for PatientSafe Solutions, EVP of Strategy and Products for Vital Images, CTO at Ingenix and CTO for the Performance Marketing division of Yahoo! Ray earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT. In addition, he earned a Master of Science degree in physics from Cambridge University in England and a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Illinois-Urbana.

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