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See SmartDrive 360 in Action

SmartDrive allows for the option to deploy up to four cameras - enabling a 360-degree view of the vehicle and insight to the riskiest related driving performance, such as U-turns, backing, unsafe lane changes, unsafe merging and close following. In this video, SmartDrive captures an alert driver that is required to swerve in order to avoid collision with a car. He also skillfully avoids a car in the next lane. He is doing everything right on the road, and has full protection with SmartDrive. These extra eyes on the road, and around the vehicle, provide additional context for driving-related situations

Experience 360 degree visibility with SmartDrive

The new SmartDrive 360 multi-camera triggering makes it easy for customers to quickly access and view the complete picture of high-risk events. When a vehicle with SmartDrive 360 experiences a risky maneuver, such as swerve, U-turn, high impact/collision, or the driver initiates a manual recording, video is captured from all four cameras. The video is then automatically offloaded from the SmartRecorder, along with the in-cab and forward-facing camera views.  Previously, these videos were only available on-demand. Now, the immediacy of these videos allow fleets to get expanded insight on those incidents where it matters most, delivering on a main tenet of the SmartDrive Promise: “We deliver video in minutes, not days.”

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