Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite

Routing, data collection and analytics.

Run the Best Routes for Every Delivery

The Roadnet Transportation Suite combines cost-efficient routing, real-time data collection, and powerful analysis tools to ensure that you are running the best routes for every delivery. The software offers the industry’s most sophisticated algorithms, which allow users to create routes and load plans that work best for their fleet. Keep drivers up-to-speed in the field with real-time notifications and monitor their performance with reports customizable to fit your business needs.

Using its powerful and fully integrated applications, Roadnet Transportation Suite offers a seamless transfer of information between every facet of the process, allowing for a faster and more user-friendly experience.


Roadnet Transportation Suite Platform Overview A smarter way to route your day.

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Prior to implementing the Roadnet Suite we were at roughly 6.50 miles per stop, year to date 2014, we’re at 5.23 miles per stop which is a decrease of 22%.

Michael DeVoe
Executive VP of Operations, Paraco Gas

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