Optimize Route Planning with Omnitracs

See the Top 4 Ways Intelligent Routing Helps Business

See the savings that comes with intelligent routing

Last-mile delivery methods must be scalable, agile, and adaptive as your business grows. For example, five deliveries placed on a single route generates 120 different truck routing possibilities, but 5 deliveries dispersed across 10 routes can have 37+ quadrillion different routing possibilities. An intelligent route planning solution controls this chaos and improves business in many ways.

Reduce Transportation Costs with Route Optimization

Identify the fastest and most cost-effective routes to reduce:

  • Miles driven, fuel used, and driver overtime
  • The number of required routes
  • And more – with one of the most powerful algorithms in the industry

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Intelligent Routing & Dispatch

  • Accommodate customer needs immediately
  • Set customer preferences for delivery times 
  • Maintain strong relationships with the drivers through easy-to-use truck dispatch applications

Watch the Webinar

Watch the webinar to see the additional ways intelligent routing can help your business.