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Never stop improving safety

Safety-related data overflows from sensors, cameras, and vehicles across your fleet. Get actionable insights and program flexibility with SmartDrive video-based safety and transportation intelligence.

Ditch Distracted Driving

Every fleet deals with distracted driving. Quickly Identify and eliminate the most dangerous risks in your fleet, including texting, drowsiness, inattentive driving, and eyes off the road.

Mitigate Risk in Real-Time

Driving errors, distracted driving, and trucks parked in unsafe locations can adversely impact your company’s revenue and reputation. Identify the most dangerous driving risks and intervene with drivers before catastrophic events occur.

Gain a roadside witness

Accident blame historically falls on drivers. Protect drivers from potential litigation, and address risky driving behavior before incidents occur.

Get ahead of accidents

Hard braking and lane departures can lead to serious incidents on the road. Mitigate risky driving behavior with consistent, near real-time monitoring to prevent accidents before they occur.

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