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A fleet management system for professional drivers

Improve every aspect of your fleet management services, including fleet safety, routing, compliance, productivity, and more with best-in-class applications that integrate over the industry's only complete fleet intelligence platform. The Omnitracs One platform gives you full flexibility in your vehicle fleet management to select the applications you need, remove those you don’t, and access a continuous stream of enhancements without disrupting operations.  Put our 35 years of industry experience to work and find solutions for:

Enhanced safety

Eliminate the risky driving and in turn, the collisions that drive up costs with a video-based safety program that is powerful and easy-to-use. A GPS fleet management system also provides fleet data that helps you deliver more effective driver coaching, you reduce collision frequency, lower fuel consumption and operational costs, and bring drivers home safely — everybody wins.

Intelligent routing and dispatch

Plan the fastest and most cost-effective territories and routes for your drivers. With one centralized platform, your drivers and back-office teams will easily track routes and real-time ETAs, add last-minute orders, and establish performance metrics for drivers to continually optimize your operation.

Improved compliance

Streamline the driver experience with an easy-to-read display, intuitive alerts, and hands-free functionality to ultimately increase the productivity and safety of your fleet.



See the results

After evaluating fleet management companies, Merchants took advantage of the converged Omnitracs and SmartDrive innovative solutions, to meet their challenges and their customers’ needs. Download the case study to learn how and see the results.

“You don’t know what’s going on once outside of your facility. We use technology to see exactly what our drivers are doing – not to spy on them – but to be sure they’re following safety protocols to protect themselves and our fleet.” - William Dowden, Safety Manager, Merchants Foodservice

-William Dowden, Safety Manager at Merchants Foodservice

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