Omnitracs 3G to 4G Migration

Prepare for the sunsetting of 3G networks

With cellular providers sunsetting their 3G networks in early 2022, it’s critical to upgrade your fleet to 4G-enabled devices. Here’s why you should upgrade with Omnitracs.

Making the switch with Omnitracs

With more than 30-years of industry experience, Omnitracs is driving innovation and transforming the transportation industry. Converge your data and applications over the industry’s only end-to-end fleet management platform and find best-in-class solutions for improved business performance, fleet safety, driver experience, route planning and optimization, and more.

We’re ready to help you prioritize and get started with industry know-how and support from real people.

3G Sunset Dates by Carrier

Each carrier is sunsetting its 3G network at different points in the year. Here are the dates to remember:

AT&T: February 22, 2022

Sprint: March 31, 2022

T-Mobile: April 1, 2022

Verizon: December 31, 2022

Other considerations for selecting a 4G fleet management provider

  • Are they an experienced, full-service provider?
  • Do you need to consolidate multiple carriers and logins?
  • Are their platform options cutting edge and flexible?
  • Do they enable a future-ready, go-to-market strategy?

Advantages of 4G Technology

Upgrading to 4G technology gives your business the opportunity to improve performance and service levels — ultimately helping your business grow. Key benefits of 4G solutions include:

  • Better user experiences with faster application performance and greater connectivity in indoor and outdoor locations
  • Improved business performance with higher network capacity and increased bandwidth
  • Greater cost and energy efficiencies through extended battery life and future-ready technology

Ready to upgrade with Omnitracs?

Check out these 4 Steps to 4G Migration to get started.

The microchip shortage and global supply chain issues have many businesses slowing or halting the production of key technologies needed to keep trucks on the road. With the sunset of 3G networks quickly approaching, it’s critical that you act now to secure your place in the required device migration.

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