Omnitracs Drive

A Better Driver Experience

Empower your drivers

Eliminate paper and update drivers with the route, load, and process information they need to complete tasks in and out of the cab without making phone calls. Enable drivers to operate at full efficiency with complete, immediate access to:

  • Easy-to-build driver workflows
  • Configurable electronic forms
  • Enhanced two-way communication
  • Proof of delivery through signature capture and picture barcode scanning

Omnitracs Drive Benefits

Streamline tasks

Immediately access up-to-date driver workflow and route events for better trip management

Bridge collaboration

Improve driver to back-office communication through an innovative, intuitive user interface

Get specific

Create, modify, and send location-based, contextual workflows that include tasks for specific stops, locations, and customer requirements

Notify teams

Send arrival and departure notifications to your back-office automatically

Save trees

Eliminate paper logs and send the data you need from your device on the road to your back-office quickly

Connect solutions

Access and integrate your technology with a portfolio of various solutions and applications

Omnitracs One

The only complete fleet intelligence platform in the industry.

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