Route Optimization Software for Fleets

Empower your route optimization strategy through digital transformation.

Employ planning, routing, and dispatch solutions that keep vehicle capacity, business rules, customer requirements, and more in mind to truly optimize routes.

What Is Route Optimization?

Distributors face multiple challenges every day that can be aided by route optimization software — high volume of customer orders to organize, rising fuel costs, driver management needs, changing traffic conditions, and tight time windows. These scenarios can create an overwhelming situation.

A reliable route optimization software takes all of these challenges into account and works to find the best possible route plan to reach a fleet’s business goals each day.

So what is route optimization? And how does it benefit you? Routing optimization is the process of planning the fastest and most cost-effective way for truck drivers to get from one place to another. Fleets that leverage route optimization save time and money while providing better services to their customers.

Route Optimization Software

Customize your routing strategy to the needs of your fleet. Plan, execute, and iterate on fleet routes to balance customer service with the unique needs of your business.

As more companies take advantage of cloud-native applications and platforms, their teams in the back office and in the field are becoming more flexible. Give your routing teams the freedom to experiment with new dispatch and routing methodologies and uncover fleet routing efficiencies without impacting real-time orders and deliveries.

Converge your data and devices. Give your teams and customers one place to share information and communications in real-time — so your company can optimize route planning, execution, and actual vs planned routing performance from a single source of truth.

Benefits of Route Optimization

Reduce Transportation Costs

Understand the impact of each proposed route change with an easy-to-read route scoreboard.

Utilize Resources Better

Add more stops to your routes and reduce driver overtime. Procure satellite, hybrid, and street map views.

Improve Customer Service

Ensure that all your customers are getting their deliveries on time. Easily accommodate late or manual orders with a suggest-route algorithm.

Get Ahead

Utilize a robust route algorithm to streamline current orders and predict and prepare future orders.

Get Ahead

Utilize a robust route algorithm to streamline current orders and predict and prepare future orders.

Balance Route

Handle the most basic and complex routes with flexible, powerful tools.

Before deciding exactly how your business can benefit from route planning and route optimization, it helps to know the difference between two primary routing methods: standard and dynamic.

Standard routing is a key solution for customer service. Each route plan will have a specific set of stops in a specific order, guaranteeing that your customers will always have their product delivered at a specified time, often by the same driver.

Dynamic routing is on the other end of the spectrum and is best if your business’s main goal is cutting costs. Customers lose the predictability of standard routing, but you reduce miles and improve efficiency.

route optimization solution helps find a happy medium between these methods to not only please customers, but to also improve your bottom line.

Route Optimization Software Features

Gain Specifics

Quickly view vehicle location and activity with GPS-enabled monitoring.

Automate Reroutes

Add stops manually or let Omnitracs Dispatch automatically find the best route.

Stay Updated

Receive near real-time arrival and departure updates.

Renovate Experiences

Simplify the user experience for teams in the field with modern, intuitive user interfaces.

Unplanned stops and going off-route can compromise your customers’ service expectations.

Stay on top of route execution in near real-time with Omnitracs Dispatch, a driver software that prioritizes route optimization and efficiency.

Ensure that the routes you planned match your routes in action, improve communication with the back office, and respond quickly when the unexpected occurs.

Route Optimization Software by Omnitracs

Get There Safely and on Time.
Streamline route planning to exceed customer expectations through efficient, automated routes. With Omnitracs Routing, you can:

  • A better driver experience via the Roadnet Mobile App
  • Omnitracs and other third-party integrations
  • Regular enhancements and incremental updates
  • Proactively balance route capacity across your fleet

Roadnet Technologies Route Planning and Optimization Software for Your Fleet

Roadnet Technologies joined Omnitracs in 2013 and provides the foundation for our AI-enabled route planning. Plan, optimize, and execute routes with AI-enabled solutions and go beyond stop sequencing. Autonomously respond to exceptions to meet customer demands in real-time with AI-enabled route optimization and planning solutions. Omnitracs Strategic Planner, Omnitracs Routing, and Omnitracs Dispatch lets you:

  • Automatically analyze data and events from past deliveries to optimize routes
  • Safety and efficiently deliver customer orders
  • Keep business rules and customer requirements in mind when planning routes
  • Give hours back to your teams so they can focus on strategic tasks
  • Provide the best delivery experience for your customers

Avoid hardware installations and start optimizing routes quickly. Using a centralized, cloud-native routing solution you’ll be able to easily track assets with real-time ETAs, and establish performance metrics for drivers to continually optimize your fleet operations.

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Employ planning, routing, and dispatch solutions that keep vehicle capacity, business rules, customer requirements and more in mind when routing to truly optimize routes.