Omnitracs Strategic Planner

Plan Resources and Routes Strategically

Proactively analyze historical route-and-resource data, then modify plans to optimize your entire sales, service, and distribution operations while keeping unique business requirements top of mind.

Set growth strategy and plan ideal routes

Balance customer requirements against historical delivery and sales data to optimize territories and routes for your workforce. With Omnitracs Strategic Planner, you can:

  • Optimize savings by determining ideal warehouse and distribution center locations
  • Compare territory and route summary statistics before and after re-route
  • Automatically create daily service schedules

Omnitracs Strategic Planner Benefits

Align trips

Compare territories and routes with accurate, easily digestible statistics

Understand metrics

Configure robust reports for sales, service, and distribution

Digest data

Gain easy implementation capabilities for quick customer and historical data imports

Assist drivers

Design predictable, manageable stop lists for drivers

Omnitracs One

The only complete fleet intelligence platform in the industry.

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