Video-Based Safety: An Overview

Interested in learning more about video-based safety? Explore video-based safety solutions – like SmartDrive – and learn how a comprehensive program can improve driver safety beyond a basic dash cam.

What Is Video-based Safety?

Comprehensive video-based safety technology such as SmartDrive (now a part of Solera Fleet Solutions) gives safety managers and driver coaches event video and informative data for each trip, expert human review of events, as well as in-cab alerts for drivers. Fleet owners can reduce collisions and costs by providing a full view of safety performance.

  • Gain a complete 360-degree view of the driving situation, road, and in-cab.
  • Capture driver behaviors such as texting, drowsiness, rolling stops, speeding and other issues with with computer vision (CV) technology to score and prioritize risks that can be coached for improvement.
  • Exonerate your drivers and protect your fleet in the event of an accident, with video evidence from SmartDrive.
  • Save time and resources with our team of experts who review, score, and prioritize event video for you.

In a world of data overload, a thorough video-based safety program provides actionable metrics and insights that can proactively improve safety and performance across any type of vehicle fleet, from delivery vans to semis.

What Is a Dash Cam?

What is a dash cam, and what role does it play in a video-based safety program?

Exactly as the name implies, a truck dash cam is a video camera that’s mounted on or above the dashboard of a truck. A dash cam can have one or more lenses, and provide road and in-cab views. Some can provide additional trip data.

Basic dash cams are affordable for many small fleets or owners/operators and are often a good source of exoneration data. By itself, a truck dash cam will not deliver the results of a thorough video-based safety program, but it does provide essential information. If you deploy truck dash cams in your fleet, it’s important to understand how you can use that information to improve safety performance.

Improving Truck Driver Safety With Flexible Video Safety Options

Many actions that can compromise fleet and truck driver safety happen inside the cab. And if they can be observed, they can be corrected.

In a comprehensive system like SmartDrive, fleets have flexible options for different service levels depending on their needs. Dash cams for trucks offer virtual ride-alongs that also create a video and statistical record of everything that happens inside the cab and on the road ahead. The camera notes any irregularities that warrant further review.

SmartDrive video-based fleet safety technology captures risky conduct like texting, speeding, tailgating, distracted driving, drowsiness, and similar habits that happen in the interior of the cab. With SmartDrive’s expert review, the recordings will provide insights that can improve truck driver safety through awareness, coaching, and other interventions.

Outside the cab, it records other vehicles and their interactions with your truck. Keep in mind that the majority of truck accidents are caused by passenger vehicles. Yet, innocent truck drivers and fleet owners are very much at risk without the video proof that a truck dash cam provides.

Benefits of Video-Based Safety

Clear Analysis

Gain expert analysis and a unified view of risk and vehicle performance.

The Value of Video

Capture distracted and drowsy driving, aggressive speeding, close following, U-turns, and more.

Eliminate Waiting

Discover what actually happened with access to video within minutes of an incident.

Personalize Protection

Mix and match between road-facing- only cameras and up to eight cameras with off-duty privacy mode.

Delight Your Teams

Satisfy coaches and drivers alike with an easy 3-step coaching mobile-capable workflow.

Know Your Numbers

Easily measure results for quicker ROI with management reports and fleet, site, and driver safety scores.

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