Fleet management at the edge

The information you need to drive informed business decisions is flowing at the edge — the place where people, applications, and devices converge to get the job done. Pull power from that flow with AI-enabled processing, robust data in a single source of truth, and the domain expertise needed to make it all work. Meet business objectives, continuously improve operational efficiencies, and better manage processes and teams for competitive advantage with quick access to actionable insights enabled by tools and a partner on the edge.

Understanding edge computing in your fleet technology

Systems and networks have an edge and a core. Traditionally, devices passed data from the edge, where they were used by end-users, to the core, where most computing tasks took place. In today’s digitally connected world, the devices at the edge have become far more enhanced, allowing us to put the power of Artificial Intelligence to work to process data in the palm of our hands and take action more quickly than ever.

Applications designed to improve business performance

Spend less time digging through reports with real-time insights from advanced analytics and business intelligence tools.

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