Omnitracs Compliance and ELD Solutions

Regulatory Compliance for Your Entire Operation

Hours of Service and ELDs

Different situations call for different ELD solutions. We’ve worked closely with the FMCSA to ensure our HOS and ELD solutions remain compliant so you can minimize downtime — no matter what ELD solution you choose.

Omnitracs Tax Manager

With International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) returns due quarterly, manual tax-prep processes can cost your business excess time and money. Omnitracs Tax Manager helps you automatically calculate taxes and remain compliant.

Weigh Station Bypass

Frequent weigh-station stops can jeopardize fuel costs, driver satisfaction, and productivity. Help drivers bypass weigh stations with Weigh Station Bypass powered by Drivewyze, so they can stay on the road and get to your customers faster.

Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Paper-based and static inspection reporting can leave you with wasted time and frustrated drivers. Equip drivers to manage vehicle inspections digitally with configurable DVIR forms, and improve compliance and safety.

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