Omnitracs Tax Manager

Integrated Tax Reporting and Deducting

Integrated Tax Reporting and Deducting

Efficiently Maximize IFTA and Fuel-tax Deductions.

Utilize fleet telematics and fuel purchase data collection to efficiently maximize IFTA and fuel-tax deductions. With Omnitracs Tax Manager, you can:

  • Stop overpaying on taxes
  • Eliminate the risk of penalties, overpayments, and human error
  • Give time back to drivers and back-office teams

Omnitracs Tax Manager Benefits

Remain compliant

Stay notified with automatic updates for tax rates and rules

Customize reports

Configure information generated by fleet, tax rules, and GPS data

Get granular breakdowns

View lists of fuel, distance, vehicles, fleets, and fuel by jurisdiction

Widen capabilities

Export via PDF and CSV

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The only complete fleet intelligence platform in the industry.

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