Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass

Keep Trucks Moving and Avoid Weigh Station Delays

Save drivers time, money, and weigh-station hassles

Reduce Wasted Time and Money

Time is the most valuable commodity for your truck operation. Encountering uncertainties on the road like weigh-station delays reduce drive time and ultimately cost you and the driver money.

Omnitracs has solutions that integrate seamlessly into your in-cab technology to allow you to skip weigh-stations and maximize your drive time.

Omnitracs Weigh Station Bypass Benefits

Bypass weigh stations

Remain notified with real-time weigh station proximity and bypass alerts

Connect across borders

Gain access to the largest weigh station bypass networks across the U.S. and Canada

Explore data

Explore reports for additional insights on time, savings, and safety

Omnitracs One

The only complete fleet intelligence platform in the industry.

Omnitracs + Drivewyze® PreClear

Repetitive weigh station stops increase fleet costs. With Omnitracs and Drivewyze, you can:

  • Improve driver satisfaction with fewer inspection stops
  • Exceed customer expectations with faster load delivery
  • Reduce bottom-line costs associated with idling time and fuel usage

Omnitracs + PrePass®

Save your fleet time and money while also prioritizing safety. With Omnitracs and PrePass, you will have:

  • Single sign-on to PrePass weigh station bypass through Omnitracs One
  • Roadway ALERTS including work zones, dangerous slowdowns and more
  • Access to safety score analytics software and nationwide toll payment services

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