Electronic Logging for Hours of Service Compliance

Omnitracs Hours of Service and ELD Solution

ELD Support to ensure functionality with your fleet’s Electronic Logging Devices

Help Drivers Manage Their Time

With the Omnitracs Hours of Service application, you can:

  • Simplify Hours of Service compliance in the U.S. and Canada — even when crossing borders
  • Handle multiple industry-specific rulesets with ease
  • Prevent violations before they occur with customizable alerts
  • Coordinate tight communication between the field and office while on the go

Omnitracs Hours of Service and ELD Benefits

Save time

Efficiently support individual and team drivers with automatic logging, so they can easily log in and out

Obtain Real-Time Compliance

Enjoy on-the-go log viewing, driver annotations, and almost-instant log saving for up-to-the-minute visibility into driver hours

Receive Beneficial Assistance

Get support from our dedicated team of regulatory experts to ensure Hours of Service regulations are met

Stay Supported

Gain 24/7 driver hotline support to get ahead of roadside inspections and audits and reduce driver log citations

Reap Add-Ons

Enjoy our accompanying HoursGo mobile app — A tool that allows drivers to check electronic logs and easily clock in and out remotely

Reclaim Capabilities

Manage driver times with powerful dashboards and reporting

Omnitracs One

The only complete fleet intelligence platform in the industry.

Select from flexible ELD hardware options

With Omnitracs ELDs, you can:

  • Extend productivity when away from the vehicle with mobile-enabled ELD providers and devices
  • Get uncompromised security and reliability from simple and durable all-in-one devices
  • Mix and match hardware options for different business units

Provide a better experience with Omnitracs Drive

When you combine Omnitracs Hours of Service with Omnitracs Drive, you can:

  • Incorporate compliance tasks into the driver workflow
  • Access driver logs and other driver-centric apps in one place
  • Keep an eye on driver clocks while navigating to the destination
  • Improve communications between drivers and the back office

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