Omnitracs ELD

Best-in-Class Solutions for Fleet Compliance

Reliable and affordable ELD solution to track fleet hours of service and stay compliant with FMCSA rules. Plus, download the eBook to find 3 Benefits of ELDs Beyond Compliance.

Why choose Omnitracs ELD?

Omnitracs pioneered trucking solutions that have delivered dependable, innovative technology to fleets of all sizes for more than 35 years. Choosing the right FMCSA certified ELD provider upfront will save time, energy, and money. Ensure you are complying with ever-changing FMCSA rules and reap the benefits of a robust fleet management platform — at an affordable price. Prepare for the future by investing in an ELD provider who goes the distance.

More than Compliance

Now that the US Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate has been in effect for several years, fleets are looking for a variety of strategic ways they can leverage their HOS devices beyond compliance requirements. Check out 3 Benefits of ELDs Beyond Compliance eBook to find ways to enhance your operation using ELDs, like:

Increased fuel efficiency – excessive idling burns fuel unnecessarily. Omnitracs ELDs offer the ability to monitor idle time and provide reporting to fleet managers about which drivers spend the most time idling to help reduce costs and vehicle maintenance.

Download the eBook to find out more!

Choosing Omnitracs you not only get best-in-class ELD compliance solutions, but also the ability to converge safety, compliance, routing, workflow and more together on one platform.