Omnitracs Solutions for Express Delivery Providers

Ready, Set, Deliver

Take agility to the next level with applications and solutions that make each customer feel like the only stop on your route.

See all you can do with Omnitracs

Ensure fit

Source capacity from in-house and third-party fleets using multiple vehicle types – including cars

Exonerate drivers

Know what really happened when accidents occur and prove it before going to court

Achieve faster ROI

Minimize labor costs by maximizing miles and number of stops per route

Enhance customer experiences

Provide customers and end-customers with real-time ETAs and delivery notifications via text or email

Provide tailored experiences

Equip drivers to provide outstanding service with task-by-task workflows that deliver detailed customer information

Secure your orders

Easily gather and provide proof of delivery in one app with photos and signature collection

Find the right fit in seconds

“Gene, how did you talk me into helping you load this huge box? We should be working the floor, not waiting out here in this heat! When will the driver be here again? Is that them in that little car? You must be joking!”

Don’t send a sedan to do a box truck’s job. Automatically source capacity and match the best vehicles to the best routes with AI-enabled routing and dispatching solutions so Gene can stop listening to his coworkers complain.

Explore integrated solutions for Express Delivery Providers

Omnitracs applications and devices connect over Omnitracs One, the only complete fleet intelligence platform in the industry. Explore the integrations that enable better business solutions for Express Delivery Providers.

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