Do more than just sequence stops

Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Plan, execute, and iterate on routes to balance customer service with the unique needs of your business while keeping drivers, assets, and your brand safe and secure.

Omnitracs Strategic Planner

No two customers are alike. Use customer, historical-delivery, and sales data for territory and route optimizations for your workforce and provide the best last mile delivery options to your customers with Omnitracs Strategic Planner.

Omnitracs Routing

Manual route planning can cost you months’ worth of time and money. Utilize the robust algorithmic model in Omnitracs Routing to gain routing solution efficiencies and streamline your day-to-day planning.

Omnitracs Dispatch

Unplanned stops and going off-route can compromise your customers’ service expectations. Stay on top of route planning and execution in near real-time with Omnitracs Dispatch.

Video-Based Safety Program

Eliminate the riskiest driving that leads to collisions and drives up costs with a video-based safety program that is as powerful as it is easy to use. By delivering more effective driver coaching, your fleet reduces collision frequency, lowers fuel consumption and operational costs, and prioritizes driver safety – everybody wins.

Omnitracs Active Alert

“Where’s my order?” calls can frequently disrupt your fleet operation. Provide instant, proactive communication to your customers with Omnitracs Active Alert and delight your drivers and back-office teams.

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