Partnership Supports Hunter Express’ Goal of Expanding Training, Communication and Operational Efficiency

Dallas, TX (February 27, 2019) – Omnitracs, LLC, a global pioneer of fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies, today announced that Hunter Express, a rapidly growing freight-forwarding corporation with 325 power units, selected Omnitracs for its deep expertise in the transportation industry, proven track record in working with fleets across North America and best-of-breed compliance technology. With the U.S. ELD Mandate in place, and the Canadian Mandate set to be implemented by 2020, organizations like Hunter Express are looking for technology providers to support its real-time compliance and reporting needs across borders.

The Canadian ELD Mandate will adopt many of the provisions of the U.S. regulation, including the requirement to substitute paper logs with a regulation-compliant device that connects to the engine’s ECM. Hunter Express recognized the need to find a solution that could address its regulatory and operational needs in both countries. Omnitracs will provide Hunter Express with a solution that not only allows its fleets to operate confidently across all of North America, but also offers them the ability to deliver on its organizational needs, including online driver and dispatch training, 24/7 driver support, and customized driver communication.

“With the U.S. and Canadian regulatory landscape continuing to evolve, we needed a technology partner that would allow us to remain compliant,” said Said Aj, Director of Operations at Hunter Express. “Omnitracs empowers us to stay ahead of customer demands, operate more efficiently and ensure we are prepared for current and future regulations. We see great potential with this partnership, and look forward to working with Omnitracs on future digital transformation initiatives.”

Hunter Express will leverage Omnitracs’ XRS solution, which offers fleets and drivers flexible logging and computing options from their mobile device or tablet. The platform allows the company to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rule that requires devices to automatically record a driver’s duty status and the time spent operating a vehicle. The company is set to finish installing the solution across its entire fleet by June of this year. Hunter Express is also looking to partner with Omnitracs on future initiatives, including the unified fleet management platform, Omnitracs One.

“Hunter Express is known for its driver-first approach, exceptional service and dedication to compliance, and we are excited to help them continue delivering on this mission,” said Brendan Staub, Vice President of Sales at Omnitracs. “In this industry, drivers have a two-fold challenge: exceeding the demands of today’s customers, while also ensuring that its fleets and drivers remain compliant. By partnering with Omnitracs, Hunter Express can improve the overall driver experience, guarantee compliance, and drive new sources of revenue.”

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