Omnitracs, LLC, a global pioneer of fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies, today announced the availability of Omnitracs Roadnet® Anywhere v3.9, the newest iteration of the platform designed to bring added functionality to its users, giving them more power than ever when routing fleets. With the new enhancements, the Roadnet Anywhere platform provides an even more holistic view of fleets, consolidating views of routing, dispatching, proof of delivery, telematics, customer notifications, and business analytics in one place.

One of the biggest additions to the new version of Roadnet Anywhere is the ability to create and optimize multi-day routes. These routes can be created automatically based on existing orders customers have in the system, and can be configured to include any layover rules (e.g., information pertaining to hotel fees, equipment location restrictions, etc.) in an easily accessible format. “This important feature reflects our commitment to supporting not just same-day and last mile routing, but to support customers desiring optimization for longer, multi-day runs,” notes Kevin Haugh, general manager of Omnitracs Roadnet Technologies.

The update also includes significant enhancements to Insight — a data discovery and exploration tool that allows executives, managers, drivers, and data analysts to easily and quickly mine data. Specifically, the release allows users to dynamically change data drill down paths to determine root cause analysis and understand relations — unlike most BI (business intelligence) products, which have pre-determined drill-down paths and require IT involvement to change these.

“As we continue to rapidly deploy new features to the Omnitracs’ SaaS fleet management platform, our customers are able to reap the benefits of truly streamlined operations, whereby routing, dispatching, customer notifications, and analytics are integrated into one, single web-based tool, instead of managing various data entry points in typically-disparate systems,” said Kevin Haugh. “With the Roadnet Anywhere v3.9 platform, we’re able to deliver a 360-degree view of operational efficiency that considers all aspects of fleet management — comparing things like driver safety scores against number of routes completed, miles driven, or customer commitments met — to ensure all performance standards are met or exceeded.”

In addition to the routing and Insight upgrades, other enhancements to the Roadnet Anywhere platform include:

  • Geofence Enhancements — Offers the ability to draw geo-fences in additional custom shapes, giving customers more flexibility in defining stop parameters
  • Vehicle and Equipment Assignment — Allows workers to assign equipment using their mobile device at the beginning of the day as well as if they switch equipment mid-way through the day. This will help ensure accurate record of where each piece of equipment was used and by whom, and in turn support more effective performance management
  • Enhanced Analytic Filtering — An improved filter for Key Performance Indicators allows fleets to sort by Operations Unit, enabling them to focus on specific units of their business at a time, whether these are depots or regions
  • Key Fob Support for Telematics — Newly-available key fobs allow drivers to be associated with telematics devices and their given vehicles. This important new feature allows performance data associated with a hands free telematics device to be definitely associated with a given driver, especially where vehicles may have different drivers from one day to the next, or even in a given day

Roadnet Anywhere v3.9 is now available. For additional information on Omnitracs’ planning and delivery solutions, visit:

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