New Solutions Add More Opportunities for Commercial Transportation Operations

Dallas, TX (February 25, 2019) – Omnitracs, LLC, a global pioneer of fleet management solutions to transportation and logistics companies, today announced the latest in the company’s line of best-in-class, mobile communication and management devices aimed at enabling drivers to work anywhere, anytime using the latest LTE connectivity.

The new Omnitracs Active Mobile Gateway with Communications (AMG-C) provides commercial transportation companies with more opportunities to empower their drivers. As drivers take on additional duties, ranging from customer service tasks to order reconciliation, they now need more flexibility to get work done. With robust connection options and a dedicated cellular connection for vehicle tracking independent of the driver, the AMG-C is an advanced bring-your-own device (BYOD) solution that combines the best features of the current hardware lineup to offer more computing power and durability. The AMG-C joins the award-winning Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) in-cab device, that has been recently enhanced with new usability updates to offer even more device options to customers.

Features available with the AMG-C include:

  • BYOD device pairing – enables drivers to use Android phones or tablets to access the Omnitracs One fleet management platform and suite of applications
  • Flexible connection options – includes Wi-Fi, 4G-LTE, secure Bluetooth, and mobile hotspot that extend to the driver’s hand-held devices using the Omnitracs One mobile application
  • Management simplicity – offers fast, easy 15-minute install and over-the-air updates

Updates to the IVG device include:

  • Operation on the enhanced performance and reliability of 4G LTE networks
  • Enhanced touchscreen that provides a better user experience, is more sensitive, and more durable
  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Backwards-compatible cabling – no need to rewire existing connections to the Omnitracs Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG) in-cab device

 “Commercial transportation operations face different challenges, and our customers want flexible device options to accommodate an ever-increasing variety of needs,” said Paul Nagy, Chief Product Officer at Omnitracs. “The new IVG in-cab device and AMG-C will offer the most advanced mobility experience on the market for companies looking to maximize driver productivity both inside and outside of the cab.”

The introduction of AMG-C gives Omnitracs the broadest array of device options on a single platform. Customers can access the same set of applications using the Omnitracs Telematics Gateway (TG), which offers basic LTE GPS tracking and driver performance monitoring with no in-cab display; the Intelligent Vehicle Gateway (IVG), a durable dedicated in-cab solution that’s hard-wired to the vehicle’s engine control module for maximum security; along with the AMG, a cost-effective in-cab device that uses the phone or tablet’s connection to transmit vehicle and driver data.

About Omnitracs, LLC
Omnitracs, LLC is a global pioneer of trucking solutions for all business models. Omnitracs’ more than 1,000 employees deliver software-as-a-service-based solutions to help over 14,000 customers manage nearly 1,100,000 assets in more than 70 countries. The company pioneered the use of commercial vehicle telematics 30 years ago and serves today as a powerhouse of innovative, intuitive technologies. Omnitracs transforms the transportation industry through technology and insight, featuring best-in-class solutions for compliance, safety and security, productivity, telematics and tracking, transportation management (TMS), planning and delivery, data and analytics, and professional services.