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Optimized Routes with the Future in Mind

In 1983, tech startup RoadNET Systems (later known as Roadnet Technologies) began working on the first PC-based routing and scheduling software to streamline and optimize route planning and last mile delivery. Before this software was created, transportation managers had to rely on their own intuition and knowledge of veteran employees to determine the best local delivery or service route.

Today, Roadnet Technologies is part of the Omnitracs solution family and the software advances constantly as customers seek efficient, productive new ways to optimize their daily routes, manage and communicate with drivers, and grow their businesses.

With Omnitracs, you can optimize truck and worker productivity as you go about your day to better meet individual customer needs and set your company up for success.

Omnitracs Roadnet Platform Benefits

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Reduced Costs

Route optimization leads to shorter distances between stops, reduced fuel usage, and less wear and tear on your vehicles. Be able to make more efficient route plans to prevent paying driver overtime as well.

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Improved Customer Service

Gain the ability to follow through with firm, timely commitments to your customers with safe and accurate deliveries. Always have a quick, precise answer when a “Where’s my order?” call comes in.

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Operational Visibility

Stay up-to-date on the location of your workers and vehicles and be able to view past performance data to compare planned vs. actual events and identify possible areas of improvement.

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Increased Efficiency

Optimize routes, improve driver communication, and increase reporting and data analytic capabilities to achieve a much smoother operation for your business — today and in the future.

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The savings that we’ve seen from Omnitracs Roadnet supersedes any project that has ever been done in the history of the company.

Jon Renko
United Pipe & Steel, Vice President of Operations
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