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Why Bulkmatic Transport was Ready for a Video-Based Solution

For years, the industry’s largest food companies and plastics manufacturers have relied on Bulkmatic Transport, making it one of the largest and most trusted dry bulk transport companies in the country. Its enduring safety culture is widely recognized, and the company has received the National Tank Truck Carriers Safety Improvement Award for the past eight years. Several of the fleet’s customers emulate Bulkmatic’s safety policies and practices and have adopted similar procedures.

As a result of experiencing increased collisions, Bulkmatic decided to evaluate the SmartDrive® program. Within the first 60 days, the company saw real results and significant improvement, including improved fuel savings and dramatically lower occurrences of risky driving behaviors. As a result, Bulkmatic deployed SmartDrive across its entire fleet of over 500 vehicles. The SmartDrive program reinforces Bulkmatic’s safety culture by helping to ensure drivers adhere to company rules and standards.

Why the SmartDrive Program Is the Smart Choice for Bulkmatic Transport

Bulkmatic’s evaluation of the SmartDrive system began at its Decatur, Alabama facility. Results of that initial deployment included up to an 87% improvement in driving skills and sustained fuel savings of 3.03%. Following that test, the company outfitted more tractors with the SmartDrive solution at their Chicago and Ft. Worth locations, with an added focus on Mobile Phone/Device Distractions, resulting in reductions in those activities. From there, the company deployed the program throughout the organization.

“The SmartDrive video and data capture system enhances the information we have to successfully coach drivers and improve fleet safety. What used to take months to discover, our regional safety managers can now learn in a day and bring that information to drivers when it can have the greatest impact. In our first 60 days, we saw real results and significant improvement, including improved fuel savings and dramatically lower occurrences of risky driving behaviors.”

-Terry McAdams, VP of Safety, Bulkmatic Transport

In addition to providing insight regarding whether an accident could have been prevented, the SmartDrive solution offers a number of added benefits to Bulkmatic. Relying on the SmartDrive dual-camera configuration, with both cab-facing and road-facing cameras, the fleet is able to exonerate its drivers in collisions when they are not at fault. As a result of these exonerations, drivers reacted positively to the program. They also appreciated the coaching sessions with their managers, which resulted from the analysis and easy-to-use coaching application within the SmartDrive program.

Another benefit of the SmartDrive video-based safety program is its support of Bulkmatic’s new business development efforts, by helping to ensure compliance with customers’ rigorous safety standards. As Bulkmatic’s initial contract came to an end, it quickly renewed its contract through 2020, citing tangible and significant safety improvements as a result of adoption.

“Professional athletes use video to improve, why not professional truck drivers? SmartDrive is an eye opening and very powerful tool that was easy for our managers to quickly adopt. It allows us to make significant progress by simply showing our drivers’ areas for improvement, and it helps discover risky driving skills before they cause an incident.”

-Terry McAdams, VP of Safety, Bulkmatic Transport

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