Driving Innovation in Routing

Roadnet Transportation led the way in innovative routing technologies. Now those innovations are built into Omnitracs Routing, Omnitracs Dispatch, and Omnitracs Active Alert — all solutions that connect within the Omnitracs One platform. This route optimization technology will now enable your teams to:

  • Dramatically reduce miles driven, fuel costs, and driver overtime to realize greater profitability.
  • Assess transportation costs for greater savings by drilling down to actual costs per stop, mile, or unit of measurement.
  • Guarantee your customers receive their orders in a safe, timely, and accurate manner by providing drivers with clearly defined routes.

Read the eBook, 7 things you can do with an upgrade to Omnitracs One for more ideas.

Do more than sequence stops

Plan, execute, and iterate on routes to balance customer service with the unique needs of your business while keeping drivers, assets, and your brand safe and secure. The solutions included in Omnitracs’ Roadnet Transportation Suite, now called Omnitracs One, equip your team and business with the necessary tools to stay ahead and stay efficient while prioritizing driver safety. Read more about how Omnitracs solutions can support your last-mile operations.

Activate Fleet Intelligence to Improve Business Efficiency

The Omnitracs One platform helps you empower your drivers, teams in the field, and the back office with a single source of truth. Reliable data that is easily accessible allow your fleet managers to make thoughtful strategy decisions without compromising time or efficiency.

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