Roadnet Transportation Suite (RTS)

The smarter way to route your day

Make the Most of your Routes

Managing transportation operations brings new challenges every day, each with the potential to throw off your stops — driving costs up and service down. With the stakes this high, having a competitive edge is a must. Omnitracs Roadnet Transportation Suite has given a growing number of leading transportation companies the boost they need with a robust and reliable on-prem solution.

What your company needs is a transportation tool that can give you the flexibility to handle whatever is thrown your way — adapting to whatever threatens your daily transportation schedule and goals.

Benefits for Roadnet Transportation Suite

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Save Time and Money

Dramatically reduce miles driven, fuel costs, and driver overtime to realize greater profitability. Assess transportation costs for greater savings by drilling down to actual costs per stop, mile, or unit of measurement.

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Exceed Customer Service Expectations

Guarantee your customers receive their orders in a safe, timely, and accurate manner by providing drivers with clearly-defined routes — allowing you to take on new customers and grow your business.

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We can quickly accommodate orders to not only meet our customers’ needs but exceed their expectations. Our customers appreciate that.

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