Omnitracs + SmartDrive

In-cab Devices and Data are Converging for Leading Fleets

See how Omnitracs and SmartDrive are combining efforts to help you drive efficiency, improve safety, and jumpstart digital transformation in your business.

Omnitracs + SmartDrive = Convergence

Omnitracs and SmartDrive have come together to bring device and data convergence to commercial transportation.

“SmartDrive has further ingrained safety into our company culture and the results have validated it. Prior to SmartDrive, we were paying out on claims where we knew we should have been exonerated. During the last 12 months, our loss ratio has been roughly 11%, as compared to 55% over the prior four years—this is phenomenal.”

Billy Dover
Leavitt’s Freight Service

Video-Based Safety Program

Eliminate the riskiest driving that leads to collisions and drives up costs with a video-based safety program that is as powerful as it is easy-to-use. By delivering more effective driver coaching, your fleet reduces collision frequency, lowers fuel consumption and operational costs, and brings drivers home safely – everybody wins.

SmartDrive Sensors & IoT

Prevent the most common causes of collisions with SmartDrive’s intelligent driver-assist sensors and IoT solutions that identify the most dangerous driving risks and intervene with drivers before a catastrophic event occurs.

“SmartDrive SmartIQ is the only solution that delivers granular data; incorporates a variety of safety, fuel and operational data; and makes it easy to incorporate resulting insights into our business.”

Jeremy Stickling
Director of Human Resources and Safety, Nussbaum Transportation

SmartDrive Sensors & IoT

Vehicles are loaded with sensors that deliver massive volumes of rich data that fleets can leverage to understand vehicle use and driver performance. SmartIQ transforms data into insights that can be leveraged across your operations. Improve fleet efficiency and your overall financial performance with real-time transportation intelligence.

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