Safety is a Culture, not Just a Solution

Protect your drivers and your business

SmartDrive Protect by Solera is a new video-based safety platform engineered specifically to give small fleets the same capabilities that benefit large fleets at an accessible price. SmartDrive Protect lets fleet managers ride along virtually with their drivers, track locations, incidents, and KPIs, and offers video on demand. The proactive exoneration capabilities of this platform give small fleets a shield against spurious insurance claims, while also encouraging drivers to operate safely.

Solution benefits

Key features of SmartDrive Protect include:

  • AI for both road and driver-facing cameras: Artificial intelligence monitors factors such as driver head pose, allowing fleets to see when a driver exhibits distracted behavior and enforce policies around distractions.
  • Continuous video recording: When the ignition is on, front-facing and driver-facing cameras are always on recording all events, allowing fleets to host a virtual ride along or pull video from a precise time and location of a specific event.
  • Dashboard with centralized data: Data is compiled in an easy-to-consume dashboard format, allowing fleets to easily spot trends from a high-level down to individual trips and drivers.

  • Driver coaching workflow: Identifies risky events or trends and supports personalized closed-loop coaching sessions for drivers.

Works with any type of vehicle

No matter what your small fleet does, SmartDrive Protect will work for you. The equipment is designed for compatibility with any common vehicle type, from tractor-trailers to passenger cars, and anything in between. SmartDrive Protect is appropriate for Last Mile delivery, service fleets, private fleets, and interstate trucking.

Accessible pricing

SmartDrive Protect is priced at a level small fleets can afford. A single monthly payment per vehicle covers service and the equipment lease. There is no large, up-front investment since fleets do not need to purchase the devices, and the simple installation process means fleets can equip their vehicles themselves with no hassle.

Accidents happen

Professional fleet drivers are found at-fault in only 20 percent of vehicle collisions in which they are involved. But statistics alone will not ensure your fleet’s safety. SmartDrive Protect is a powerful exoneration tool that’s always on. Keep your drivers and your reputation safe with SmartDrive Protect.

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