August 11, 2011


10 Best Truck Stops

The truck stop—both a lifeline for road warriors and a cultural icon.

Unfortunately, many of the mom and pop truck stops that served as a home-away-from-home for drivers are fading away, only to be replaced by large chains.

Not that the big chains don’t have a lot to offer. With their greater resources, they can provide expanded services to the men and women who spend the majority of their days on the open road; some stops even offer dental and chiropractic services.

So, we did a little research to find some of the best truck stops in America—from the family-run outfits to the largest trucker oasis in the country.

What do you think of our picks?

I-80, Exit 284
Walcott, IA

  • The Iowa 80 made a name for itself as the largest truck stop in America; it features parking for 800 rigs. This mega stop also offers:
  • Dentist office
  • Dog wash
  • Barbershop
  • Super Truck Showroom, featuring wall-to-wall chrome and lights; a wide variety of accessories to help drivers customize their ride
  • Oh, yeah…and there’s even a truck museum

I-80, Exit 21
Sparks, NV

Feel like tempting Lady Luck? The Alamo Plaza offers 20 acres of parking, so a large community of truckers can try their hand at:

  • Slot machines—260 of them, in fact
  • Blackjack tables
  • Keno

3. Derrick Plaza Truck Stop

I-85, Exit 71
Salisbury, NC

The Derrick Plaza is helping truckers cut fuel costs and go green. Their newly installed electricity station means drivers can shut down their rigs, while still powering heat, AC and appliances. You might also want to check out their:

  • 24-hour restaurant—top ranked by USA Today
  • 24-hour chapel
  • Barbershop

I-5, Exit 307
Portland, OR

Feel like stepping out? Step into the Ponderosa Lounge, which features live music and a dance club. You can also take advantage of:

  • Upscale hotel suites with hot tubs, as well as economy accommodations
  • An arcade
  • Cinema
  • Fine dining

5. Highland Petro Stop

I-94 and Highway 20, Exit 333
Racine, WI

Sitting behind the wheel day-in and day-out can do a number on your back. So, the next time you pass through Racine, take advantage of their walk-in chiropractic services for only $25. Highland also provides a:

  • Hair salon
  • Theater room

6. Lodi Travel Center

I-71 and I-76 at Route 224, Exit 209
Seville, OH

Want to surf the ‘Net, cup of Joe in-hand? Check out the Lodi Travel Center, featuring:

  • Starbucks
  • Internet lounge
  •  Facilities that cater to the professional driver, including marble showers

I-40, Exit 198
Flagstaff, AZ

Not just a truck stop, this is a grand-scale resort that also offers services for the professional truck driver, including:

  • Lounge, showers, laundry
  • Truck service station
  • Shops featuring western-style clothing and boots, as well as Native American art and jewelry
  • And luxury hotel accommodations, if you feel like indulging

Intersection of I-595, 441, and the Florida Turnpike
Davie, FL

In search of a south-Florida Tiki bar? Well, you’ve found it. The brand new, pet-friendly facility also offers:

  • Medical and dental clinic
  • Spa
  • Game room
  • Chrome shop

9. Bosselman Travel Center

I-80, Exit 312
Grand Island, NE

Frequently mentioned as a company that gets it right when it comes to meeting the needs of truckers, Bosselmen’s Travel Centers—and especially their location in Grand Island—provide all the conveniences drivers need, including:

  • Banking and mailing services
  • Game rooms
  • Large showers
  • Laundry facilities

Hwy 24, off I-94, exit 178
Clearwater, MN

Drivers rave about their delicious sandwiches and burgers, all served on fresh-baked bread. In fact, the Food Network named it one of the top five truck stops in America. Clearwater also offers:

  • Gift shop
  • Book store