January 22, 2016


Nationally recognized for its leadership throughout the transportation industry, Omnitracs Roadnet University is a premiere source of seminars and workshops related to the Roadnet Transportation Suite and its family of fleet management products. Each year, hundreds of eager students at various skill levels come to Roadnet University for the in-depth training that our certified instructors provide.

Accessible for all users — from routers to vice presidents — the Roadnet University coursework offers an unparalleled advantage by helping businesses to realize the full functionality and flexibility of Omnitracs Roadnet applications. As an advanced user, participating in the University can help increase knowledge of advanced features and capabilities, while also serving as a refresher for current features to keep skills sharp. For new user participants, one of the “New User Workshops” is a great way to become familiarized with the technology, delivering a primer on everything from maintenance to standard and dynamic routing.

In addition, customers can turn to Roadnet University when learning to navigate or understand major software enhancements and upgrades within the service portfolio, with detailed insight into every new feature and proper usage methods.

We are happy to announce our 2016 curriculum for Roadnet University. Upcoming courses include:

  • Roadnet® Advanced Users Workshop (March 1-4, Los Angeles, CA) — For routers with at least six months experience, this is the key to taking full advantage of your investment.
  • Territory Planner® New Users Workshop (March 8-11, Baltimore, MD) — The class your team needs in preparation for its annual re-route. Start right with the training you deserve.
  • Roadnet® New Users Workshop (April 12-15, Baltimore, MD) — The standard for every new router, backup router, and manager who needs hands-on knowledge and experience.

To view the schedule in totality, including cost, course descriptions and more, visit our schedule here.

For an in-depth look at the expert instructors leading the Roadnet University program, read more here.