August 3, 2017

Managing a fleet can definitely be rewarding, but it also comes with its own set of challenges to work out if you want to ensure a productive and profitable fleet. If you feel like you’re going it alone, then you might be wondering where you can turn to for advice and industry updates. At Omnitracs, we want to see you and your fleet succeed, so we’ve brought you five of our favorite blogs for fleet managers. All of them have something to offer — from news and updates to advice and thoughtful policy commentary.

  1. Heavy Duty Trucking — All That’s Trucking Blog
    Award winning trucking journalist Deborah Lockridge is the editor-in-chief of the All That’s Trucking blog from Heavy Duty Trucking. She and other guest editors from HDT provide takes on anything and everything related to trucking. Her decades of knowledge and experience come through in each post, ranging from takes on emissions and ELD rules to the role of the trucking industry in fighting human trafficking.
  2. Fleet Owner — Trucks At Work and Open Road Blogs
    Fleet Owner was created specifically for executives or managers of trucking fleets with five or more trucks. Their Trucks At Work blog, run by award winning editor-in-chief Sean Kilcarr, and their Open Road blog, written by industry veteran and senior editor Neil Abt, focus on a variety of different issues affecting the trucking industry today. You’ll find posts that tackle issues such as mobile technology in trucking, as well as insight on subjects like Amazon’s potential to change trucking as it changes supply chains. It’s a varied and interesting look into where trucking is now, and where the industry is headed in the future.
  3. CCJ Digital
    CCJ Digital is the online arm of the Commercial Carrier Journal, and it’s dedicated to fleet management news and business. Their blog is a must read for fleet managers who want to stay on top of developments in the industry. Whether they’re informing you about FMCSA rule proposals or engaging in a conversation about the potential for disruption in the trucking industry, the bloggers write with a fleet manager’s needs and interests in mind.
  4. ATA News
    As the largest national trade association for the trucking industry, the American Trucking Association is a recognized leader in the field. One of their stated goals is to provide thought leadership and education for both trucking industry players and the general public. Start your day off with their News and Information section, and you’ll find all the updates you need to stay on top of news and policy in the industry.
  5. Automotive Fleet Blogs
    Automotive Fleet doesn’t just have one blog, but five. Together they cover market trends, review different types of trucks, examine intriguing data points, and much, much more. Dive into the Market Trends blog to find out how to control spending in your fleet, and even what you as a fleet manager can learn from a Navy Seal. It’s an engaging set of blogs that’s essential reading for fleet managers who want to keep their drivers happy and productive.

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