December 6, 2022


Did you know that 70% of the freight moved in the US is moved by truck? On any given day, more than 3 million trucks are making their way across our nation. Even with emerging tech and changing times, the society we live in continues to rely on trucking companies to move supplies. Since the pandemic, more people are both ordering and tracking more items than ever before, and with a disjointed supply chain, truckers are dealing with more unpredictability than ever before.

Fleet owners don’t need to wonder where their next load is coming from when they join a trucking alliance. Growing trucking businesses can ensure that more trucks are full more often, maximizing revenue.

When you join trucking alliances like Sylectus, it can be a powerful tool in helping a fleet grow – both when they need additional freight and when they are short on capacity. In fact, a recent survey with Sylectus customers revealed the average fleet size grew by 133% after joining the network.

Pick your business partners

It is often said that in transportation, relationships are everything. Building and nurturing solid business relationships is key to long term success. Through a trucking alliance, you can work with carriers or brokers you already know while also forging new relationships, one load at a time.

Sylectus provides transparent information on companies’ credit worthiness, payment terms, and safety scores so you can make informed decisions while growing your fleet or trucking company.

These introductions can help create solid business relationships.

“I have provided unblemished on time delivery of time critical ‘line will go down’ product to a crucial suppler,” said Matt Henehan with Brock Transportation, a Sylectus customer. “That has cemented my relationship with this customer. I’m a genuine hero in their eyes.”

Find more loads on Sylectus Load Board

With Sylectus, carriers can find the right freight for their vehicle types and locations. Thousands of loads flow through the Sylectus alliance every day, making it easy for you to find the right shipment. And the more quality loads you’re able to find, the quicker you can grow your trucking company.

You’ll also be able to increase your revenue while making your mark in a highly competitive market.

Alpha Freight Inc.’s fleet size has grown from 7 trucks to 32 by using Sylectus.

“Thanks to Sylectus, our company is growing,” said Paul Pagba with Alpha Freight Inc.

Other benefits

We’ve already discussed a couple of the benefits of joining a trucking alliance. Some others include:

Improved cost efficiency

As your business grows, having a powerful system to manage all of the details allows your operators to get more done. Using technology to automate processes allows your personnel to focus on the customer.

Customers say the system is also easy to use.

“Sylectus allows us to manage our entire business in one place: dispatching, billing, payroll,” said Ashely Holley with Hurley Xpedite Inc.

Faster decision making

Having your trucks posted to the alliance allows other members to see where and when your truck will be available. In this way, your truck can be considered for the available load, even before it is posted.

Better communication

Sylectus uses technology that connects carriers. That allows for ease of communication between all these entities in real-time, helping problem solve faster, and streamline dispatching.

Better risk management

Having requirements to join the alliance ensures that the business or person you’re doing business with is exactly who they claim to be.

Increased scalability

Through the power of a trucking alliance to mitigate supply chain issues and increase your exposure to potential loads and routes, they allow you to quickly and easily expand your trucking company in a sustainable fashion.

Joining a trucking alliance benefits you and your family

There are many benefits to joining a trucking alliance. To begin with, you’ll be able to get more and better loads. A trucking alliance like Sylectus has access to the latest tracking and shipping technology, which leads to better management of risks and happier customers.

When you need to grow your trucking company, you’ll be able to take advantage of the load board and logistics to get more loads and suit your changing needs. To take advantage of all of these things and more, join Sylectus Load Board and trucking alliance now.

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