August 14, 2023


Choosing a software platform to accelerate the growth of your transportation business is a major commitment. You’ll invest money, time, and sweat equity evaluating the tool, learning how to use it, training your staff and drivers… That’s why it’s crucial to get it right the first time.

We hope to make the search a little easier for you by providing real-world insights from actual Sylectus customers.

Sylectus is the only software provider that delivers a purpose-built transportation management system (TMS) and load board specifically for small to medium size trucking companies.

Read below to hear from nine of your fellow professionals about why partnering with Sylectus was the key to fueling their growth. Fun fact: the average growth in fleet size after joining Sylectus was 133%!

1. Grow your fleet

“When I started with Sylectus, I had 4 old trucks. After 12 years, I now have 15 new trucks and almost 40 employees!”
Scott Arnold, President, JMSA Trucking

2. Find high quality freight

“Sylectus has helped us to consistently book quality freight and build broker relationships.”
Dama Foster, President, FLG LOGISTICS INC

3. Win new customers

“Sylectus has improved efficiency within our brokerage operations as well as provided opportunities with new customers not previously available.”
Miranda Sigmon, Logistics Team Lead, BEST CARTAGE

4. Improve margins

“Sylectus has allowed me to grow the margins in my business.”
Stanley Butler, Owner, FREIGHT FANATICS LLC

5. Build a trusted network

“Sylectus provides steady freight for our expedited trucks where and when we need it. We have formed many high quality relationships with brokers and carriers on the platform. I can’t imagine this industry without Sylectus.”
Brian Pearlman, Principal, FAST SERVICE LLC

6. Connect with carriers

“Sylectus has a great carrier pool to help us move our freight.”
Frank Mandato, Logistics Manager, REVOLUTION TRANSPORT LLC

7. Streamline operations

“Sylectus allows us to manage our entire business in one place: dispatching, billing, payroll.”
CEO, Small Business Transportation Services Company

8. Simplify billing

“Sylectus makes billing simple for our customers. It also speeds up the payment process by importing into Quickbooks.”
Finance Professional, Small Business Transportation Services Company

9. Free up time and resources

“I like everything about Sylectus, it’s very easy to use and worth it.”
Maja Petrovic, Owner, ZAJECAR LLC

This feedback shared by actual customers paints a clear picture of how Sylectus can improve your transportation business. From significant fleet growth to finding high-quality freight, winning new customers, improving margins, and streamlining operations, Sylectus has proven its worth time and time again.

So, as you embark on the journey of choosing a TMS, let the insights and experiences shared by these leaders guide you. Make an informed choice that will propel your business forward, increase efficiency, and drive remarkable growth. Get in touch now for a custom consultation to see how the right technology partner can expedite your success. The opportunity is here, and Sylectus can help you seize it.