November 11, 2020


Since 2008, the skilled company leaders, team of employees, and resellers at VisTracks have diligently worked to build the company to the leading provider of device-agnostic and Software as a Service (SaaS)-based compliance solutions that it is today. With the company’s impressive suite of applications and esteemed reputation in the telematics world, we could not be more pleased to officially share that they will be joining the Omnitracs family.

This mutually beneficial acquisition will build on our Omnitracs One platform vision and further enhance our device-agnostic hardware and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) strategy. Further, we will also be able to expand our reach into SMB marketing by welcoming the VisTracks’ reseller community into our own network of technology partners, which will further ensure that we can provide our customers with abundant access to plethora of integrated, comprehensive solutions.

In 2019, we created Omnitracs One as an enterprise grade mobility platform that would help us unify applications in order to mobilize change, mobilize connections, and mobilize data for our customers. We know that many fleets choose to remain committed to their OEM, and we wanted to provide a platform that would allow those fleets to leverage their existing solutions with our own. And now, thanks to this exciting acquisition, we will be able to add approximately 60,000 vehicles to Omnitracs One and further accelerate our hardware-agnostic strategy by increasing the number of supported telematics devices by over 30.

“The transportation industry is in the midst of an era of decentralization, and as technology providers, we must be diligent in providing access to enterprise-grade solutions that unify fragmented technology,” said Ray Greer, CEO of Omnitracs. “Omnitracs is dedicated to driving innovation and providing the best possible solutions to our customers, and the acquisition of VisTracks only furthers that commitment. We’re are pleased to welcome the VisTracks team of experienced technology professionals and reseller partners into the Omnitracs family.”

Our CEO is not the only one who is enthusiastic about this news. President and CEO of VisTracks Stephen G. Eick said, “Omnitracs is setting the industry standard for developing driver-first technology and creating seamless integration opportunities that benefit their customers. By uniting with Omnitracs, we can provide a more robust offering to a broader audience of fleets and drivers while continuing to drive innovation throughout the transportation industry.”

VisTracks joins the likes of many companies who have joined us this past decade, including FleetRisk Advisors, Sylectus, Shaw Trucking, Roadnet Technologies, and XRS Corporation — all of whom have brought with them a wealth of invaluable experience in fleet management technology.

We will continue sharing all of the exciting developments that will emerge with this new addition to our family, and we invite you to read our full press release in the meantime.