February 25, 2021


Omnitracs invented the telematics business 30 years ago, right about the time that Tim Berners-Lee published his formal proposal for the World Wide Web. A lot has changed since then! The Internet, originally envisioned as a way to make document sharing easy for scientists, has not only accomplished that goal, but has also given us memes, social media, e-commerce, and cloud computing. A satellite system designed to track trucks has evolved to a comprehensive transportation intelligence system — running on that cloud — that allows those e-commerce orders to be delivered efficiently, improves the safety of our roads, and continually boosts productivity in the vehicle and the back office.

As a marketer, I care deeply about how our visual representation as a company reflects the promises we make to our customers. Our logo is at the heart of how we build our brand narrative, and it was clear when I joined Omnitracs in 2020 that it was time to take the next step. Our previous logo, of on-ramps and off-ramps, had served its purpose, but Omnitracs had become more than a telematics provider. Our breadth of solutions applies to last mile as well as over-the-road customers, and video safety has become a significant part of our story with the addition of SmartDrive. What’s more, as computing power has grown with artificial intelligence and machine learning, our ability to use the information built on our extensive reach across 1M+ vehicles each day means we can turn that information into insights that can drive step-change improvements in the efficiency, performance, and safety of our customers.

We wanted our new logo to help us communicate this, to help us show how we can provide a single source of truth through a converged, real-time transportation intelligence platform. As a result, I’m delighted to introduce you to the “shutter,” our new mark.

Workflow, compliance, video safety, productivity, data analytics, and routing and dispatching are the six elements of our fleet intelligence platform. Separately, they are the building blocks that allow you to build the right solution to meet your business needs. Together, they work in unison to provide the most comprehensive, connected benefits for your business. The six “z” figures in the shutter symbolize these six elements.

We want to improve focus for you and your teams, just as a shutter is aligned with a camera’s focus. While the round parts of your day-to-day activities, like steering wheels and tires, may seem like technical afterthoughts, we know they’re anything but that. They help you deliver to your customers and safely protect your drivers so that they can return home to their families. The round style of our shutter symbolizes our commitment to your many moving parts.

In addition, the round symbol of our shutter represents the “O” in Omnitracs. While it’s our company name, we have only driven the transportation and logistics industry forward with you by our side. You are the most crucial aspect of our business. Your business puts meaning behind our name. It is what makes Omnitracs, Omnitracs.

Our new logo is our identity in visual form. It captures the importance of our solutions, our unmatched innovation, our dedication to growth, and the many ways we seek to drive your business — and our industry — forward. Learn how we can meet you at your destination at Omnitracs.com.