Omnitracs Asset Tracking

Increase Visibility to Assets with a Fleet Tracking System

How do you manage what your can’t see? With Omnitracs GPS fleet tracking, get the asset management, monitoring and protection that is vital to the success of your business, all from a single provider. Fill out the form and an Omnitracs representative will reach out shortly.

Gain enhanced insight into your assets

With $1 billion dollars lost in equipment theft every year and only a 25% recovery rate, it’s critical to have a GPS fleet tracking solution you can trust. Only Omnitracs offers a complete fleet intelligence platform to get the visibility you need to monitor your fleet and manage asset risk. With Omnitracs trailer tracking you’ll be able to:

  • Get insight into real-time location, health, and risk to your assets
  • Provide better cargo security to see which trailers are attached to which tractors
  • Setup robust reporting to see start-and-end of trip, trailer usage, and high frequency locations
  • Prevent losing valuable merchandise and assets that impact your bottom line

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Streamline driver fleet tracking responsibilities

Today’s drivers have more responsibility than ever when on the road. Spending extra time trying to find the right trailer can take unnecessary time and resources. With a simple fleet monitoring system, drivers will easily be able to find the right trailer, connect, and get on with their day. With the Omnitracs fleet tracking device:

  • Drivers will receive in-cab notifications that let them know they’ve connected to the correct trailer
  • Back-office teams will receive trailer connection and disconnection notifications in real-time

Get a GPS fleet tracking system you can trust. With more than 35 years of industry experience, let Omnitracs solutions take the guesswork out of your operation and enhance your fleet productivity. Fill out the form to contact us to learn more.