Omnitracs XRS Relay

Omnitracs XRS automatically sends diagnostic, positioning, and hours of service log data from the palm-sized XRS Relay device to your back office via smartphone or tablet for near real-time visibility and ensured compliance from a simplified, scalable, mobile telematics device.

Omnitracs XRS supports:

Hours of Service and ELDs   Vehicle Inspection Reporting

Omnitracs Telematics Gateway Light Duty

Designed to meet the needs of fleet applications where access to the vehicle diagnostics interface (OBD-II) is necessary to monitor vehicle and driving performance, the Omnitracs Telematics Gateway Light Duty uses GPS to calculate accurate speed parameter data.

Omnitracs Telematics Gateway Light Duty supports:

Omnitracs Fleet Telematics    Asset Tracking

Telematics Gateway

Equipped with built-in Engine Control Unit (ECU) vehicle-interface technologies for both light and heavy-duty vehicles, the LMU-3640™ is a next-generation telematics gateway designed to support enterprise applications requiring a robust set of fleet features.

Omnitracs Telematics Gateway supports:

Omnitracs Fleet Telematics   Asset Tracking


Enable drivers to better serve customers from anywhere with a flexible bring-your-own-device solution that runs on any Android phone or tablet and connects over Wi-Fi, 4G, LTE, secure Bluetooth, and mobile hotspots.

Omnitracs AMG-C supports:

Hours of Service and ELDs    Vehicle Inspection Reporting


With a state-of-the-art, open, and configurable hardware architecture, the SR4 is designed to carry your fleet into the future of video-based safety and transportation intelligence.

Omnitracs SR4 supports:

Video-based Safety Program

Inattentive Driving+

Inattentive Driving+ is a next-generation in-cab, a driver-facing sensor system that uses computer vision to identify distracted and drowsy driving incidents. The system intervenes with in-cab audible alerts, so drivers can correct behavior before a catastrophic event occurs.

Inattentive Driving+ supports:

Video-based Safety Program

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