Omnitracs One Over-the-Road Solutions

Optimize the driver experience

A fleet management platform designed to empower your truck drivers and ensure fleet efficiency with flexible applications that easily scale with your business needs.

No day is the same when working in the trucking industry, and professional truckload carriers are facing growing challenges to keep their fleets running.

One of the biggest challenges we continue to hear is the management of disparate software and data systems caused by working across multiple vendors and multiple websites, creating a deterioration of operational efficiencies and human capital.

Omnitracs One is THE biggest disruption in fleet technology. It represents the culmination of 35 years of industry expertise and innovation in transportation data science, AI, and machine learning technology. Discover how you can empower your drivers, teams in the field, and the back office with a single source of truth.

Download this eBook to see how Omnitracs One brings everything your fleet needs together on one platform:

  • ELD & Compliance
  • Driver Experience & Workflow
  • Safety & Risk Management
  • Asset Tracking & Management
  • Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) Management
  • Advanced Data & Analytics

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