January 23, 2017


Starting your search for a fleet management company? Before you begin interviewing new businesses, it’s important to take a step back and ask what qualities you should look for in fleet management companies.

Not every fleet management solution is equal, and the top fleet management companies distinguish themselves by excelling in these six areas.

1. Quality Customer Service

No matter what services a commercial fleet management company provides, they won’t be useful to you if they aren’t available when and where you need them.

Start by looking for 24/7 customer service. The last thing you want is for a late-night problem to turn into an emergency because there is no one to help.

Then, look for country-wide service centers that can meet your needs wherever in the country your drivers happen to be.

Finally, look for a quality customer service team. Untrained phone operators only get you so far. The best fleet management companies have an internal team of technicians who have extensive experience with the product.

But it’s not easy to find a company that is always available and has a trained staff. It’s also hard to find well-trained staff throughout an entire nationwide service center network.

The good news is Omnitracs meets all three standards. Our customer service professionals are fully trained, and our 24/7 availability means your team will have the support it needs when you need it.

2. Fleet Maintenance Management

Good fleet managers can do their job because they have good fleet management software. This software should not only help keep your fleet running smoothly, it should also help prevent breakdowns in the first place.

While some providers focus on roadside assistance, at Omnitracs, we believe preventing issues can be much less expensive (and more convenient).

Omnitracs’s real-time fault monitoring tracks more than 35,000 potential problems in your vehicles and alerts you as soon as there is a problem. Not only does this help prevent breakdowns, it catches problems when they are still small and inexpensive to repair. This, along with our other fleet productivity solutions, delivers significant cost savings for your business.

3. Fuel Management

For most fleets, fuel is one of their biggest fleet expenses. Omnitracs understands this. That’s why they prioritize ways to help your fleet save fuel.

Our real-time fuel monitoring allows managers to better train drivers, and monitor for fuel theft. The Omnitracs fleet management software helps you take advantage of better fuel prices across state lines, planning routes that will save you the most time and money.

Systems like Omnitracs’s Exact Fuel bring this data into the hands of your managers, helping you save money from day one.

4. Compliance Solutions

Fleet management is a regulation rich environment. With so many changing regulations, you need to find fleet management companies that will take the regulation burden off your desk.

Omnitracs’s 25-year history in this industry means we’ve seen the regulatory environment evolve. When HOS applications needed to be migrated to ELD-compliant solutions, Omnitracs made all the necessary changes for their customers free of charge. Our fleet management solutions are 100% HOS, DOT, FMCSA, and IFTA compliant, keeping you (and your drivers) safe from expensive regulatory interference.

5. Accurate Reporting Data

Making management decisions based on anecdotes and gut feelings simply is not as effective as making decisions based on the best data. For example, data surrounding the circumstances of accidents can prove your innocence and prevent similar situations in the future. Driver retention data can help reduce new driver hiring and training costs. And data about how your drivers get injured can reduce injuries.

At Omnitracs, we use predictive data analytics and enhanced auditing and reporting tools, allowing our clients to boost the quality of their business decision-making.

6. Focus on Driver Safety

Since the safety of your drivers is most important to you, it should be most important to your fleet management company. Omnitracs’s data-driven approach has been proven to improve driver safety while reducing overall costs.

Omnitracs XRS Driver Performance Reporting can help you prevent accidents before they occur by monitoring driver behavior and identifying unsafe behaviors. This allows you to correct driver behavior before an accident occurs. Not only is this approach critical for the people at the heart of your business, it can help reduce high insurance costs and legal liabilities.

Omnitracs Critical Event Video monitors vehicles automatically and gives fleet managers the ability to see exactly what happened before, after, and during a critical event. Never be without a witness again!

Make the Smart Choice in Fleet Management

As the transportation industry continues to evolve, you need a partner that allows you to leverage the latest technology while staying compliant with shifting government regulations.

For more information about how Omnitracs delivers cost savings, greater convenience, and the highest quality standards for fleet management companies, contact us today.