March 21, 2018

Since the ELD Mandate Dec. 18 deadline, drivers have been written up for non-compliance, but no CSA points have been levied against drivers and their companies. When that all changes on April 1, will your fleet be prepared?

Predictably, the ELD Mandate attracted new players to the transportation marketplace. Opportunity will do that. While many fleet management software companies were selling AOBRDs for decades owing to the productivity and safety benefits they offered, many of these new companies didn’t even exist a few years ago. Instead of building a product with proven ROI, they created compliance-only products to take advantage of the mandate and the fact that every truck or fleet owner was about to have to make a purchase, some of them spending a lot of money. So, they put their product together — in software years, virtually ‘overnight’ — and started selling one-size fits all products. In fact, more than one of them promotes themselves as the ‘anti-ELD’ and yet wouldn’t exist without it.

As soft enforcement ends and reality sets in on April 1, it might be a good idea to make sure your solution is compliant with the ELD Mandate. The rush to market has resulted in many providers, even well-established ones, falling short of requirements. So, if you have to make this investment, shouldn’t you make certain it is compliant? While you’re at it, shouldn’t you at least consider a solution that makes you money — one that does more than just monitor hours of service? Perhaps a proven solution that will allow you to be more productive and efficient?

Omnitracs, and companies like ours that have been in the transportation market for decades, understands the need for reliable equipment and the power of the right tools to change a business. That’s why we made creating a reliable ELD solution a priority. How much of a priority?

  • More than 120,000 work hours were dedicated to it
  • More than 200 employees were part of the project
  • We logged more than 300,000 frequent flyer miles and more than 250 hotel nights making sure the product was ready for the customer
  • We created more than 200 blog posts, training videos, white papers and webinars to educate customers about compliance details
  • Every Omnitracs employee, no matter their role, went through ELD Mandate training

What we, or any of our customers, never had to do in all that time was ask the FMCSA for a waiver or extension. We had fully-tested, ELD-compliant solutions before the December ELD Mandate deadline, and we are still shipping as the enforcement deadline approaches. We knew it was critical for our customers that they be ready for this mandate, so it was critical for every Omnitracs employee that we were ready for them.

If your ELD solution finds your drivers on the side of the road and racking up fines, we are here and have several reliable solutions available for your company.

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