November 29, 2022

Omnitracs has been a leader in the transportation technology industry for more than 30 years, with a steadfast focus on developing the best trucking tools possible. We prioritize accuracy and reliability through our industry-leading lineup of safety, compliance, and productivity software solutions – including load board, ELD & compliance, and video-based safety, among others.

This is core to our DNA, and we know it is core to our customers. In a survey of professionals across the transportation industry, accuracy and reliability were cited as the two most important attributes to consider in selecting an ELD partner — and were the two attributes where the industry rated Omnitracs highest. Learn more about the tools we offer to ensure truck driver safety and efficiency.

3 Professional Trucking Tools for Professional Fleets

As a professional in the trucking business, you’ll know how important it is to keep trucks moving. With all the responsibilities over-the-road carriers, back-office teams, and drivers have, it can be challenging to assess the holistic needs a successful operation requires. Essential trucking tools for a successful, long-lasting, and profitable operation include ELD compliance and video-based safety. Here’s an overview of how load boards work with these other tools to make your trucking business run smoothly.

1. Load Board for Truckers

If you’ve been in the trucking industry – either as a driver or fleet owner – you’ve probably heard of load boards. But what is it and why does it matter if you use one?

Load boards are online marketplaces where truck drivers, shippers, and freight brokers can post and find loads to keep freight moving.

Shippers post about available freight they have and also provide information about any necessary equipment. Then a truck driver can search the database to find available freight options.

Maintaining a trucking operation is a multi-faceted, complex process. Over-the-road carriers differentiate themselves from their last-mile counterparts in many ways. While catering to customers is a priority for both industries, booming e-commerce trends have heightened the last-mile carrier’s focus on the customer experience and delivery operations since load boards connect shippers directly with truck drivers.

You probably know how necessary a positive driver experience is when retaining drivers since driver turnover is so high. This revolving wheel of turnovers can cost your operation a lot in training and onboarding and is also highly frustrating for you to manage.

Creating an enjoyable experience for over-the-road drivers is all the easier with user-friendly and intelligent trip management in the form of a load board, such as Sylectus. When truckers use Sylectus, they will see the trip and load information they need to see with every stop, empowering them to easily manage their responsibilities and operate with total efficiency.

Benefits of Using a Load Board

A load board, like Sylectus, is hosted online. Individuals can post about loads, empty trucks, moving their freight, or loading their trucks. The system facilitates communication between brokers, shippers, fleet managers, and truck drivers.

Both shippers and truckers benefit from using Sylectus Load Board. The truck driver can fill their truck with a freight load and the shipper is able to move their freight.

Here are some other benefits of using Sylectus Load Board:

  • Increase your truckload capacities: Access a premier source of truckload freight opportunities.
  • Reduce deadhead miles: Keep your truck moving with the ability to broker additional freight in new markets.
  • Say “yes” to every new customer opportunity: Utilize excess capacity from other vetted and proven carriers to access new customers – even at the last minute.
  • Gain access to expedited services: Expand your service offering to customers by moving more time-critical loads.
  • Automate your communications: Give time back to your dispatchers with automated updates to partner carriers so they can focus on other high-priority tasks.
  • Save time when searching for loads: Gain visibility into thousands of loads and vehicles across the US and Canada in one easily accessible location.

Are you an independent truck driver, broker, or fleet manager? If you aren’t using a load board, it’s worth considering if you’re looking to grow your trucking business. It’s no secret that our country relies on truck drivers moving freight from point A to point B.

2. ELDs and HOS Compliance

Not all compliance approaches are the same. Over-the-road drivers must often coordinate their schedules with Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations and their Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), in addition to other regulatory rules. HOS and ELD regulations include highly technical processes, such as maintaining Records of Duty Status (RODS), also known as, a driver’s log.

For today’s drivers, the reality is that technical regulations and their supporting processes are tough to manage without robust compliance solutions. When you find the right compliance fit for your operation, you can:

  • Greatly simplify HOS compliance between state and country borders
  • Handle multiple industry-specific rules sets that are difficult to keep track of manually
  • Prevent violations before they occur with customizable alerts

3. Reliable Video-Based Safety

Safety, security, and video solutions are critical to the over-the-road experience — and for a good reason. Many professional drivers operate commercial vehicles, and these vehicles come with their unique risks and biases on the road. Professional drivers are often blamed for collisions — even though research shows they’re not at fault approximately 85% of the time.

The right video-based safety solutions can serve as advocates for the drivers who work with you. With industry-leading solutions, you can:

  • Gain proactive insights into how safe drivers are on the road, providing them with near-real-time alerts before risks lead to collisions
  • Protect your fleet against litigation and avoid nuclear verdicts
  • Alert drivers to the speeds they should travel under dangerous weather conditions

The Ultimate Trucking Tool: Sylectus Load Board by Omnitracs

Prepare your over-the-road trucking operation for success with solutions that can customize and grow with your fleet. With intelligent load board, ELD, and video-based safety solutions, you can optimize your operation and reach previously unreachable goals.

Learn how to further enhance your business goals with digital transformation by exploring our solutions or giving us a call.